1987-2015 Highlights


Formation of the 1st ensemble for youth at risk (Jerusalem Ethnic-Contemporary Ensemble)

Formation of Jerusalem New Music Ensemble (first of its kind in Israel)

Activities in Kyirat HaYovel, Phillip Leon Community Center


The Institute as full  “Amutah” founded through the generosity of the Jerusalem Foundation

New Directions-Participants: Andre Hajdu, Yoni Rechter, Yossi Mar Haim, Stephen Horenstein

Project ’88-Participants:  Adina Haroz, Jeffery Kowalsky, Roger Yishai, and others

The Magic Garden, a site-specific work, Liberty Bell Garden, 45 musicians; w. Mayor Teddy Kolek


Founding of the Jerusalem School of Contemporary Music (Kyriat Ha Yovel)

Performance , Jerusalem Ethnic-Contemporary  Ensemble, Eilat Jazz Festival–stunning success!

Project ’89– Jerusalem New Music Ensemble, Uri Rubinstein, Mario Kotlier, Esti Kenan, Synapsa

Performance in the Israel Festival,  Whirlpools, Jerusalem New Music Ensemble


Project ’90Bill Dixon USA, Jeremy Montegu, Eitan Weill,  all Ensembles, Jerusalem Cinemateque

Research and Documentation, Educational Techniques for Teaching Youth at Risk


Collaboration with “Beit Cham”, youth at risk, with Jerusalem Municipality

Premiere of Agadot (S. Horenstein),  NY International Festival of the Arts, Jerusalem New Music Ensemble

Founding of the Gilo Conservatory, 200 students, 35 teachers, 10 ensembles, 2 choirs

Special training course for New Immigrant Musicians (Gilo Community Center), absorption and employment


Project ’92Winter Sounds-Dr. Daniel Oppenheim USA, Irina Gratziani, Marina Kaminker, Michael Friedman

First Explorations with interactive computer technologies

Founding of the Baka Conservatory, and Young Composers Project

Tour, Moscow, Leningrad, Helsknki, Jerusalem New Music Ensemble


Project ’93Kaleidoscope; Participants-Ilyia Dimov, Karel Voliansky, Dimitru Bugitch, Eric Reiff

Peformance, Israel Festival, Combined Lab Orchestra

Founding of the Beit HaYeled Program for youth at risk; performances-Mayor Ehud Olmert’s home

Concert,  Ethnic-Contemporary Ensemble (Youth), Lincoln Center, Merkin Concert Hall

Celebration of the Institute’s Fifth Anniversary–Street Music Festival!


Project ’94Electronic Cafe, Henry Crown Theatre, w. Electronic Cafe USA,  music collaborations & high-speed cable

Founding of Jerusalem Steel (Israel’s only Steel Drum Orchestra), grant from Kaye Family, Jerusalem Foundation


MCI-Global ’95–International project of transatlantic musical collaboration, with high speed communications

Mishugabaka!–Site Specific Work for community playspace

Sounds Together–Youth soloists and Ensembles, Van Leer Institute


Gala Concert-Dimitru Bugitch 75th Birthday Celebrations, Gerard Behar Auditorium

Founding of the Opera Workshop Program

Project ’96Summer Sounds– Neurit Katzir Center; Participants: Judith Paul (Opera Workshop), Ensembles nsembles

Bordomino–Collaboration with Vertigo Dance Company


First Institute CD Production, Between the Silences, Tarshish Ensemble (J. Kowalksy, A. Yishai, S. Behar, S. Horenstein)

Young Composer’s Program, Dr. Eitan Steinberg


First Ein Karem Site Specific Concerts-“Kivunim”–with Taisir Elias, Jeffery Kowalsky -visiting artists & educators


Pilot Project with the Ethiopean Community, youth outreach -percussion; Ouriel Bensabath, Jeffery Kowalsky

Continued collaboration with Beit Cham


Annual Site-Specific Works designed for Ein Karem, Jerusalem New Music Ensemble, Steve Peskoff, guest artists

Research in education– youth at risk; Research in new performance techniques and technologies

Building of instrument collection, cataloguing


Continued Research New Performance Techniques and Technologies; Re-design and building of Institute’s studios


Collaboration with Meitarim, founding of Meitarim Arts Center (Lod), with former Institute students as faculty

Teacher training; extensive research and publication regarding special educational techniques for youth at risk


Establishment of the Cine–Concert Project, Butterfly Effect Ensemble

First Cine-Concert Performance, “Symphony of Horrors”- Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau) Ha Maabada Theatre, Jersualem

Founding of Lab Orchestra 1-Beginning of Collaboration with Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance


Music on the Edge Festival, 2010 Participants: David Moss, Plankton, Lab Orchestra, Butterfly Effect Ensemble

Lab Orchestra 1-First performance, “Rites of Passage”, Leo Model Hall, Gerard Behar Auditorium


Second Cine-Concert Performance (Premiere) Der Golem (P. Wegener), Festival D’Ile de France

Performance, National Library of Israel, Butterfly Effect Ensemble

Lab Orchestra 2-Second performance,  Yellow Submarine Theatre


Music on the Edge Festival, 2012, Third Cine-Concert — Animations Alive!, w. Lior Navok, Lab Orchestra

Lab Orchestra 3-Third performance, “Morpheus”, “Cleaning the Mirror”, Yellow Submarine Theatre


Fourth Cine-Concert Performance (Premiere) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (J. Robertson), Festival D’Ile de France

Lab Orchestra 4-Fourth performance, “Night Train”, Yellow Submarine Theatre


Lab Orchestra 5-Fifth Performance, “Available Forms”, Yellow Submarine Theatre, Levontin 7


Lab Orchestra 6-Six Performance, “Tmunot Lyla” (Night Pictures), Yellow Submarine Theatre

Music on the Edge, a marathon of music by new generation musical creators, Ha Mazkeka,Jerusalem

“From Heavens to Earth”, an environmental musical event for Ein Kerem/Sisters of Zion church and surroundings, commissioned by Kivunim USA, encounters with American educators.  Lab Ensemble and guest artists. To promote understanding between religions.

Establishment of the “Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity”, through the generosity of the Eric and Edith Siday Charitable Foundation (USA).  Scholarships to talented Israeli composers and performers for advanced studies in Israel and abroad.

Establishment of the project “Enhancing Life for the Aged through Music” through the generosity of the Abraham and Sonia Rochlin Foundation (USA).  Scholarship and research into music’s enhancing and beneficial effects for the aged, especially those afflicted by middle and late stage Alzheimer’s disease.


Lab Orchestra LIVE! in India, Cultural Ambassadorship to India, with performances in Hampi Festival, Bangalore Festival, Hyderabad, New Dehli International Festival of the Arts.  Media coverage.  Film documentation.  The concert at Hampi was performed to and audience of 10,000 people!

Continued activities: “Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity” and “Enhancing Life for the Aged through Music”.


Expansion of the project “Enhancing Life for the Aged through Music”, throughout Jerusalem. Plans for future Israeli expansion.

“Perfect Storm”, Lab Orchestra. World Premiere Evening length work at the Yellow Submarine. Film and audio documentation.

Cine-Concert Project: “The Lodger” (A. Hitchcock) Original live film score by Lior Navok and Stephen Horenstein to Hitchcock’s silent classic . European Premiere.  “Breathing new life into classic silent films”.  Festival Chaillol, France. July, 2017.

Continued activities: “Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity”


Expansion of the project “Enhancing Life for the Aged through Music”, throughout Jerusalem. “Hasbara” (on site visits to institutions sharing recent work) and research (music’s impact on wellness for Alzheimer’s patients). Plans for future Israeli expansion. New collaboration with Kehilat Tzomahat (promoting community spirit and values in over 120 homes for the aged, throughout Israel).

“Tabula Rasa”, Lab Orchestra. World Premiere Evening length work at the Yellow Submarine, June 2108. Film and audio documentation.

Participation and collaboration with Festival de Chaillol (France), August, 2018. World Premieres of Quintet No. 2 (Portals) and Journey through Time (special arrangements, music of the Jewish People).

Continued activities: “Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity” (10 new Fellowships)


Expansion of the project “Enhancing Life for the Aged through Music”, throughout Jerusalem. “Hasbara” (on site visits to institutions sharing recent work) and research (music’s impact on wellness for Alzheimer’s patients). Plans for future Israeli expansion. Collaboration with Kehilat Tzomahat. Conclusion and dissemination of research.

“Summer Series”, three concerts of cutting-edge music on June 18-20, featuring the Lab Orchestra and guest artists, Artist in Residence: legendary saxophonist Bobby Zankel (USA) and Special Guest: trombonist Reut Regev (USA/Israel). The events included: *Concert #1: June 18, “Bobby Zankel Sextet”, Levontin 7, Tel Aviv; **Concert #2: June 19, “The Lab Orchestra-LIVE”, Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem; ***Concert #3: June 20, “Music on the Edge”, Almacén Gallery Center, Yafo.

Continued activities: “Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity” (11 new Fellowships)