Opportunities and Gifts

Please consider contributing to one of our current projects. Contributions to the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music may be made through P.E.F Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. with a recommendation for use of funds to the Institute. Please mail your check and recommendation to: P.E. F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc., 630 Third Ave, Ste 1501, New York NY 10017 USA. All donations are US tax-exempt. Contributions are also possible through Israel Gives  at www.israelgives.org 

The Institute is currently seeking funding for the following program:

Professional Training, Development and Employment for After Army Young Adults

 The Challenge

After the intense army experience, young people undergo a difficult transition period into “civilian” life.  This is especially true of creative professionals, and especially musicians, who not only have to acclimate socially, but also regain their professional skills which may have been diminished during army service.  Furthermore, depending of their army role, their may be psychological scars and barriers to returning to their artistic selves.  This can often be a challenge to  their ability to gain meaningful employment.

The Response

For twenty five years the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music (JICM) has nurtured generations of After-Army youth in various contexts, both including professional performance and education, primarily for youth at risk.  JICM has created special fast-track techniques for training young professionals in educational pedagogies, production of youth concerts, networking, and standards of professional excellence.  JICM’s studies are equipped, and are offered free of charge, to resident young professionals to create sound and video demos, fliers and web site materials for their private use.  The studio also is the home for group and individual (tutored) workshops with JICM’s trained professionals.

One additional value of this program is that it can be a magnet for young professionals to remain in Israel for their formative years, becoming more artistically focused, while contributing to the betterment of their society

The Program

The current Program focuses on the following:

1)   Narrated Youth concerts in diverse socio-economic areas of Israel; often teenage youth respond well to “youth playing for youth.”

2)   Creating professional performance and composition opportunities through JICM national and international network of connections and contacts, as well as JICM’s annual concerts and festivals.

3)   Recording demo sound and video recordings in JICM’s soundproof studios.

Each year, JICM will choose ten “Young Professional Fellows” who will receive a yearly stipend (renewable for 2-3 years).  They will receive a basic expense budget for materials, plus monthly resident hours in the studio.

Lab Orchestra 8th generation

Lab Orchestra 8th generation

JICM was founded to bring the music of our time to a wider audience, through performance, composition and education.  It seeks to enhance the cultural life of Jerusalem and Israel, while providing opportunities for young professionals.