Current Projects

  • The Lab Orchestra (Tizmoret HaMaabada)

The Lab Orchestra was established at the Institute’s founding (1988) as a vehicle for the performing new works exploring multi-layered textures combining traditional notation, gestural conducting, verbal instructions and creative input from performers.  Members are new generation players resident in Israel, and guest artists from abroad.  The Orchestra has played throughout Israel and worldwide.

  • Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity

The Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary (JICM) music is proud to announce a new Fellowship program established by the Eric and Edith Siday Charitable Foundation.  JICM has been chosen to administrate this program, funding advanced studies for new generation composers and creative performers.  (See Eric and Edith Siday Charitable Foundation “tab” above.)

  • Enhancing Life for the Aged through Music

Through the generosity of the Abraham and Sonia Rochlin Foundation, JICM has established a scholarship and research program exploring music’s potential for enhancing the quality of life for the elderly. A core group of musicians, musicologists and social workers will create and researchi hands-on musical interactions with golden age adults in Israel in a training environment.

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The Ciné-Concert Project was founded by Stephen Horenstein and Lior Navok, with production by the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music.  The live-film score repertoire, created from 2010 to 2017, includes Nosferatu (1922, Dir. F. W. Murnau), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (1920, Dir. John S. Robertson); Der Golem (1920, Dir. Paul Wegener) and The Lodger (1927, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock).

Featuring the Butterfly Effect Ensemble, Horenstein-Navok Duo and guest musicians. Premieres were presented in Festival D’Ile de France (Paris) and Music on the Edge (Jerusalem) and Festival de Chaillol (France), July, 2017.

New projects are now being planned for the future.

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  • New CD Release, Chimera (JICM Recordings)

with Jeffery Kowalsky, percussion; Lior Navok, piano; Stephen Horenstein, woodwinds and live electronics.

  • JICM Recordings

Since 1997, the Institute has produced a catalogue of recordings featuring collaborative and composed works by the Institute’s resident artists and core ensembles.  So far, the catalogue includes: Between the Silences (Tarshish Ensemble), Raw and the Cooked (Temperamental Trio/Collaboration with Kadima Collective), Between the Silences (Butterfly Effect Ensemble Debut), Chimera (Butterfly Effect Ensemble), and several forthcoming releases.

  • Music on the Edge Festival

Annual new music festival featuring works by “next generation” musical and multi-media creators, with events in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.  Music on the Edge (2015) was hosted by Ha Mazkeka, the new Jerusalem alternative performance venue.