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The Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity was established in 2014 by the Eric and Edith Charitable Foundation (NY) to promote the memory and vision of the late composer Eric Siday, and his beloved wife, Edith Siday.   The purpose of the Fellowship is to support emerging Israeli composers and creative performers through advanced studies in both in Israel and abroad.  The criteria for selection are excellence, personal musical voice and desire to explore and experiment.   The Fellowship is for one year of studies (support ranging from $2500 to $5000 annual), with an option for 2nd year renewal.

Siday, natural pose-  Siday at Studio

Eric Siday (November 1, 1905, near London, England, UK–March 26, 1976, in New York, New York, USA) was a composer and musician. While most commonly known for his pioneering work in electroacoustic music, his early career was that of a hot-jazz violinist in the London dance bands in the Roaring ’20s, including Ray Starita’s Piccadilly Revels. Even then, as a young violinist, his improvised soloing style was amazingly advanced for his era. He played with a remarkably modern chromatic style, verging on atonal, often incorporating multi-stops (playing up to four notes in harmony on the violin simultaneously utilizing multiple fingers).

In 1939, Siday emigrated to the US. He was the first composer to systematically utilize electro-acoustic sound potential within the television medium, particularly with his invention of the sound logo and the Musical Rorschach test. His now-legendary Maxwell House “Percolator” TV commercial was one of these first innovations. He also commissioned Robert Moog to create the first percussion synthesizer, which he used extensively in his television work. Among his other contributions to the use of electro-acoustic music in television were numerous station IDs and commercials, including that of the National Educational Television network (the forerunner to PBS), the 1966 CBS “in color” bumper, the news sounder for the ABC Radio Networks, and the 1965–1976 Screen Gems/Columbia Pictures Television logos.

Throughout his life, Eric Siday was also an educator, creating many radio broadcasts about the nature of the so-called new music and new sound. In addition to his large commercial repertoire, he composed a number of extended works, both traditional and experimental. In the years before his death, he devoted considerable effort to exploring new ways in which to use electro-acoustic music in the building of special sound environments. Use of new music through practical design concepts was his forte. Eric’s wife Edith was an artist in her own right (dance/choreography), as well as being a constant supporter of those in need, especially youth.

Siday Fellowship Notice 2019

Announcing the Winners!

Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity, 2019-2020

We are happy to announce that the following musicians have been awarded Fellowships for 2019–2020:


Ilan Barkani- In recognition of his conceptual originality, expressive style and musical explorations; For continued studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Yonatan Ron-For his originality and fresh compositional style; For continued studies at the Hague, Holland.

Noam Lior-For his unusual exploratory style of composition; For continued studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music


Yoav Chorev –For his imaginative boundary-breaking modes of composition; Advanced studies, University of Music and the Performing Arts, Gratz, Austria

Sarit Shley Zondiner- For her excellence in orchestral writing exploring and fusing the worlds of melodic and textural transformations; Advanced studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tom Karni –In recognition of Tom’s contributions to contemporary music through his conducting; continued studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, M.Mus, contemporary music performance/conducting, Tedarim Program.

Uri Agnon- In recognition of his unusual combining of social message and contemporary moment music; for advanced studies at University of Southampton, United Kingdom.

Bar Altaras (Special Award)- For her explorations in combining creative movement with electronic and acoustic sounds, continuing studies at Musrara School of Art and Society

Chanan Ben Simon (2nd year fellowship)- For continued studies at the Brooklyn College, USA

Yifeat Ziv (2nd year fellowship)- For continued studies at the London School of Communications

Bnaya Halperin-Kaduri (2nd year fellowship)-For continued studies at Goldsmith’s, University of London

Announcing the Winners!

Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity, 2018-2019

The following musicians were awarded Fellowships for 2018-2019:

Undergraduate awards
Tom Klein, for his pioneering spirit in bridging the worlds of new music composition and real time instrumental exploration. For studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Shaul Kohan, for his inquisitive spirit, both as a creative player and composer. For studies and the University of the Arts, Hague, Holland.

Graduate awards
Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari , for his visionary compositions for chamber instruments, exploring new imaginative instrumental techniques and a search for seemingly endless streams of new sounds. For his personal approach to miniaturisation. For Advanced studies at Goldsmiths, Great Britain.

Chanan Ben Simone, for pushing the envelope in the world of new vocal music, lyrics and orchestration, creating a personal expressive style.  For Advanced studies at Brooklyn College, SUNY, USA.

Yifeat Ziv, for her personal approach to combining new vocal techniques and electroacoustic sound environments.  For Advanced studies in Sound Arts at UAL (University of the Arts, London).

Eyal Netzer, for continued explorations as a player-composer in the Afro-American expressive tradition, translated into new and unusual performance venues and audience interaction.  For Advanced studies at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Special award
Laila Betterman, for continued exploration into combining vocal and electroacoustic music with mixed media installations and concepts. For Advanced studies, London College of Communication / Musrara School of the Arts.

Returning grants (2nd year)

Shiri Riseman, for continued work in the lyrical vocal compositional field.  Undergraduate studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Oded Geizhals, for his contributions as a performer to the music of our time, including the development and exploration of new percussion techniques.
For advanced studies at the Musik Academy, Basel, Switzerland.

Goni Peles, for continued work and research of theoretical musical concepts. For Advanced studies at Bath Spa University, Great Britain.